Sunday, 1 March 2015

Goodbye Tattenhall...

It's been 15 months at Tattenhall Marina so we felt it was time for a change of scenery, on friday night we arrived late at the marina for our last sleep-over. The plan was to get up early and set off so we would reach our destination before the forecasted high winds and bad weather started later on that day. After the alarm went off at 07:30 we decided to stay snug and warm for a little longer.

By 9:20 we were ready to go, the day was looking promising with signs of some sunshine threatening to show through the clouds.
Leaving Tattenhall for the last time
This was our first trip out on D.O.G this year and Buster's first ever trip on a boat as far as we know, he settled in immediately and loved the changing sights, smells and walkies.

It was a good feeling as we passed through the double locks and staircase knowing that we wouldn't have to do them again whenever we wanted to go anywhere, as usual some of the paddles weren't working, one lock took us thirty minutes to fill.

Buster watching for oncoming passers by,

Buster sat very good watching things go by

Buster's a very friendly dog and loves to play and meet other doggies, so much so that we have to keep him on the lead at all times as he still needs to learn to come back when we call him.

Mark didn't have Buster on the lead when we went up the locks at Hurleston junction, Buster took his chance for freedom and was off the boat running around the field at the bottom of the reservoir, there was absolutely no chance of catching him, luckily Buster decided to taunt us further by doing some close run by's and came a little bit too close so Mark managed to corner him and got him back under control. Lesson learnt.

The approach into Swanley Bridge Marina.
Corinne and Buster

Corinne and Buster watched as Mark filled up the water.

Buster saying I need a cuddle.

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Hey Buster! are you a new crew member...

Life just wasn't the same without a doggy, or should that be "dee o ghee" at home or on the boat so we visited a few dog adoption shelters and found Buster at one of the excellent Dogs Trust Homes. We collected him this morning and he's keeping us busy since, lol.

He's only nine months old and an English Bull Terrier Cross.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Keeping the cold out...

Last weekend we called down to D.O.G and set up an oil filled radiator in the saloon, thermometer set at 5c.

Today we visited again to check on how things were doing and top up the electric meter. Looks like it's doing the job.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The Original...

Dee O Ghee. Charlie, our faithful and loved friend of twelve years was put to sleep this morning after a short illness. (Cancer)

He had a good life and loved his time spent on long walks, caravaning and the last few years, canal adventures. oh! not to forget his weekly visits to his nans.

He was our Rhodesian Ridgeback or Rhodesian Reject (-: as he was missing his ridge. A sad time for us but some lovely memories.

RIP Charlie, We're missing you xxxxx.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Flying visit...

It's not been easy finding time to get down to Dee O Ghee this last month or so, Mark's been working seven day weeks and Charlie hasn't been well, daily visits needed to the vet. 

Arriving late morning at the marina everything was ok on board, we did trial runs and changed two of the porthole glass seals that were becoming rather tatty. The others can be changed next time we're here.

Before leaving for home, we called around to see Steve and Chris on Nb Amyjo for a cuppa and catch-up, not long after we arrived Richard and Sharon from Nb Oakapple also called in, it was good to hear how everyone was doing.


Sunday, 31 August 2014


Arriving in Nantwich earlier after only a short trip, we'd decided a rest was deserved after yesterdays longer than expected trip in the rain. We had a good spot so lounged around before taking a walk into Nantwich. Its a lovely town and has some really nice buildings.
Our mooring for the night

The Old Savings Bank

Looking like work has just started on renervating

Small courtyard of shops

Would love this as a house

Leads to coffee shop

On our way back to the boat we bumped into Diane and Ray from Nb Fernwood, we met again in the morning as we both arrived at the service area together. Hope to meet you both again soon for a proper chat.

Audlem in the rain...

It was definitely a more pleasant trip going than coming back through Audlem. We moored up for a water top up, not that we really needed it just wanted a photo of us outside the Shroppie Fly. 
Us outside the shroppie

Our prefered feeding and watering hole when in town.

Half way up the locks

Our homeward trip happened to be on Monday Bank holiday, it rained all the way down the fifteen locks, hardly anyone was passing in the opposite direction so it made things even harder. 

About half way down Charlie decided to fall off the boat at one of the locks, not just his back legs this time, he was slowly sliding down the stern claws grinding at the paintwork as he went, we caught hold of his collar then a leg then anything we could, it took both of us to pull him out of the water, I still dont know how we did it without having to get in the water, Charlie weighs nine stone on a dry day and I'am sure hes put on a few pounds since his last check-up. All the visitor moorings had gone after lock 10 so on we go.

As we emptied lock 13 a CRT man appeared from nowhere and helped while Corinne walked down to start setting the next lock. We were shocked at the amount of moored boats, it must have been the rain that dissuaded them from attempting the locks. Pussies!

We finally stopped just passed the marina at Overwater.